Bahubali Kissan Premium Quality Poha

White flattened rice is very easily digestible. It is mostly eaten as snacks or breakfast. Poha is cooked with potatoes, green chilies, onions, salt, sugar, and spices in Maharashtra. Dry fruits like nuts, raisins, and cashews are also added to enhance the taste. This dish is known as Poha.
Since it is easily cooked and does not take much time, This is very nutritious and tasty. Poha is rich in dietary fiber and has a low glycaemic index. Health Benifits Controls Blood Sugar Levels. Poha is considered a good meal for diabetics.
A Good Source Of Healthy Carbohydrates.
Easily Digestible.
Rich In Iron.
Low In Calories.
Dishes made from Poha
Chuda Kadamba- Firstly after heating ghee in a pan, cashew, raisins are also fried with it. Beaten rice or chuda is ground along with adding cardamom, sugar, grated coconut, ghee, cashew & slight milk. Small balls/ladoo are made from the dough with ghee, after refrigerating it is consumed.
Dahi Chura- Beaten rice mixed with ripe banana, yogurt, and sugar.
Kanda Pohe- Small pieces of boiled potato, onion, mustard seeds, turmeric and red chilli are seasoned and mixed with soaked and sieved beaten rice, and served hot. It is also served with Tarri (chickpea and tomato curry) and seasoned with Chivda, known as Tarri Poha.